Imagine Your Life 

Personal-growth training for those who want to start a business

Discover the road to abundance by creating a holistic vision for your life

30 minutes a day for 5 days could change your life

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Day 1 - Creating your abundant vision
This is the blueprint that allows you to imagine and plan for an abundant life. While you've played with vision boards before, I show you a powerful and fast way to step into your desires - right before your eyes 

Day 2 - Creating your marvellous boundaries 
Your amazing vision needs space to take root and grow. I teach you powerful methods to protect, preserve and nurture your vision even if you live or work within a toxic environment

Day 3 - Developing guilt-free friendships
Learn to use your values and vulnerability to attract like-minded people who will not only push you forward, they will support and challenge you - simply by being in their space

Day 4 - Cultivating an abundance mindset
The driver to your heart's desire is what you think about and how you think about it. Even the Bible cautions against having a double mind or asking the Lord for answered prayer while disbelieving. Discover how to harness the abundance around you to bring to pass your vision

Day 5 - Activating your new life
After the preparation of land, seeds are planted, covered, and watered. We finish off the week with your crucial first step - think of it as stepping onto the plane hired to take you to your dream destination

Transform yourself as you impact others
About your teacher,
Holistic Business Coach,
Julia Katsivo
After 17 years of working with Fortune 500 companies and the federal government, I discovered that a lack of marketing and sales knowledge was behind many start-up failures.

Frustrated that my hands were tied working within other organizations, I left my comfortable career and started my coaching business in 2015 - no network, no peers, no social media profiles - thanks to a life spent being an introvert. 

It didn't take long before I realized that all the business strategies in the world won't work as long as the mindset isn't dealt with.

My first 2-day event, that first year, 'Drop The Bad Habits' sold out, proving to be the start to big-ticket clients.

Since then, I've focused on helping entrepreneurs get out of their way so they may implement their brilliant plans.

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs at this point, greatly enhancing my skillsets and knowledge base, not to mention the thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours spent learning.

This is the exact right time to start building your business.

I'll say it again.

This is the exact right time to start building your business

Not only do you take control of the means and how much you earn, you also grow as an individual. You gain life skills because you develop resilience, a solution-focused mindset, and an inner knowing that allows you to live and work in flow. With the right mentor and community, you can feel supported and appreciated. This helps you work harder at being smarter, take more appropriate life-changing chances, and navigate, if not enjoy, all parts of your entrepreneurial journey.

My overall mission is to empower dreamers to create holistic businesses that complement their lives.   


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